Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not so lucky, lucky day.

Reminds me of a shot I hit in the Inaugural Portsea Spring Lawn Tennis Championships in the Under 9's division...Ahhh good times.


Carlos said...

Ping Pong anyone?

Whose smelly feet were those at end? :P

How about a photo to prove it Captain? :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Im down for Ping Pong with Kim Kong

I don't want to know...they're not vere pleasnt :P

Well, might not be much evidence, maybe on Dad's old cam-corter! :P Mine was a little different. Our nets had the winders on them to adjust net hight, managed hit that and get the ball to get back in court! Impressive I know! :)

Carlos said...

I believe you Captain.

Speaking of smelly feet :P nice background!

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Hahaha, thankyou, stumbled upon on tumblr and thought it may have been a nice touch!

Anonymous said...

Princess/Bird lost in doubles.

Schiavone/Bartoli win.

Caroline Garcia won her 'girls' match.

Carlos said...

I had The Princess/Angry Bird winning the title, now I think King/Shvedova will win it. BTW did Angry Bird kick something? :P

I think the pressure will be too much for Sponge Bart, I take the hairless Furby to win her semi final match.

Tomorrow I take, and I hate to say it, Petkovic. Divapova has gone this far because her opponents have choked. If Petkovic doesn't choke she will win this match in straight sets.

I'll take Angry Bird over Na.

Anonymous said...

I would like Vesnina & Mirza to bring home the bacon!

Bartoli might beat Schiavone. She was down a set and came sorta close to losing the second one. In other words, I think Bartoli has cranked up her game and IMO Schiavone is on the downward trend. She's just getting too old to be consistent.

Petko is a very solid player and knows how to close out games.

I take Bird over Na Li because she's simply been playing good. (Although you can't ever rule out a retirement!)

Basically, I want the winner out of Diva/Petko to embarrass and demoralize Angry Bird. So, may the best Bird basher win!

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