Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One word...Beepa!

Vera battled back from 0-6 start to win her 2nd round match 0-6 6-3 6-3. She amazed me...not that I watched the match but Vera from this time last year would have crumbled and cried and probably have been doubled bageld.

I am not saying anything but maybe just maybe this new found fight could taker to holding up a nice trophy in a few weeks!


Carlos said...

Not sold, she takes three sets to defeat players ranked 43 and 44 respectively and to top it off she got bagel? Vera looks like she is spinning on her wheels. I disagree she better find her game soon, the way that I see it Vera will make a short stay at RG.

Carlos said...

3:30 West Coast time Bethanie just won her match. What can I say I couldn't sleep. I'll see if I'm up for the Bunny/Bojana match.

Anonymous said...

Goerges over Safina. The Safina match ended past 1am Madrid time it will take its toll on Safina. BTW Why is WTA setting matches this late?

I think it had something to do with the rain. Not sure how many indoor stadiums they have available. Perhaps only 1?

Saw this on twitter posted 3 hours ago (its 7:52 Eastern now.)

juliagoerges Julia Goerges
a lovely day in madrid.leaving to the courts in1hour.playing tmrw against safina 2nd round.will keep you updated when the match is scheduled
3 hours ago

Anonymous said...

Aggie was up 3-0 in the 3rd set and proceeded to lose the next 6 games. Boooooo!!

Anonymous said...

juliagoerges Julia Goerges
Playing tmrw not before 4pm against dinara on stadium 3....going for dinner soon....have a good evening and night later tweeties...;

If my calculations are right, that should be about 9am Eastern.

Bartoli just lost to Anastasia Pav 7-5, 6-1.

Carlos said...

When that Madrid stadium was being built it was hyped as a state of the art stadium. Stadium officials even had The Fist Pumping Imbecile touring the construction site. Knowing the weather, knowing that is going to be a joint WTA/ATP event, they fell short of my expectations.

I did see the scoreboard when Aggie was up 3-0 I thought it was over. Oh well, Jarmilla became the executioner of royalty. BTW did you see the match? I'm wondering if it was a meltdown or injury on The Duchess?

At first I had Safina winning over Gorgeous Julia now I don't. Expecting Gorgeous/Bunny match up.

Anonymous said...

I watched the first set and got busy doing other things. Checked back in when she was up 3-0 and figured it was over.

I did see most of the Bunny match and think that Bojangles chick will get a whole lot better in the future.

Safina/Goerges have met twice in the past. Safina won on Clay (2008), Julia on the hard (2010) court.

In 2008 Julia was ranked #102 and in 2010 at #40. So, I think Safina just caught her when was she less experienced.

I can guarantee ya that Safina's back is going to be feeling tired after Julia runs her around the court!

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