Saturday, May 14, 2011

WTA launches Strong Is Beautiful campaign.

The WTA unveiled a new global ad campaign with the tagline "Strong is Beautiful", featuring 38 current and next generation stars of the sport. The campaign includes TV, print and digital ads along with social media applications and will be unveiled across 80 markets over the next two years

The set of 30-second television and digital ads focuses on women's tennis stars' lives and the intense and sometimes difficult social undercurrents of realizing their dreams as professional athletes. The campaign's overall focus is on the global nature of women's tennis and reveals unique and heartfelt storylines that include Serbia's Ana Ivanovic having to practice in a war-torn Belgrade; Chinese star Li Na having the pressure and hope of 1.3 billion Chinese people on her shoulders; and Belgium's Kim Clijsters being torn about giving her all to tennis while raising a young daughter. Serena Williams' ubiquitous self-confidence comes through while assuring the viewer that the only reason she brings seven tennis outfits to each Grand Slam is because she intends on wearing them all, for each match she plans on winning.

My Personal favourite is Li Na, just the way shes like "No Pressure"

Photos 1 and Photos 2 - Kiri is in there so I suggest you check it out!

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