Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vika had a bad day...

Reader Caps321, shared this post with me, I found it intresting, especially as I am a Vika fan.

If you're to lazy to click the link;

The new, improved, calm, zen-like Victoria Azarenka – the one who has arguably been the best player on form heading into the French Open, fell off the wagon a little bit Friday after winning the first set against Maria Sharapova.

The on-court microphones didn’t really pick it up – probably shell-shocked by all the screeching that had been going on for an hour from both sides of the court.

But even if you can’t lip-read, this one was pretty hard to miss.

But then, not long afterward, tennis karma bit her in the bee-hind.

Poor thing, really. One false move on a shot and a grip her arm doesn’t deal with all that often – and that was pretty much it.

Later, she tried her version of a Twit-pology, claiming she was talking about herself.
Okay, she did fail to serve out the first set the first time of asking. But she got it done. Probably no more than a “silly girl,” was called for, certainly not a “f.b.”

And she didn’t actually say it to Sharapova’s face or anything, more out loud into the night as she headed to her chair.

At least she didn’t claim she was misunderstood, that she said “freezing itch,” or something.
As much as Azarenka has done to bring herself back into the conversation after being that “so much talent, hasn’t broken through” girl for a couple of years, you can’t help for feel for her.

The girl has done everything she can. She has toned down the going-postal behaviour (although not the screeching). An earlier encounter with the chair umpire about a judgment call on a point replay was civilized in tone and calm.

She’s not beating herself any more by losing her mind.

But she still can’t stay healthy.

Look at this: in her last six tournaments, starting at Indian Wells, she has retired three times, won twice, and reached the final in the sixth. Twice, she was ahead when she retired.

Since the beginning of 2010, Azarenka has had 10 retirements, for all kinds of reasons.

But the elbow being buggered is a bit of a problem. She could barely hold her racquet after it happened on Friday.


caps321 said...

I wasn't actually watching when this all went down. (Turned it off after the first set and checked the scoreboard.. Was going to watch again if there was a third set.) But, I am a little confused.

When exactly did Angry Bird hurt her elbow? On the serve? Who did she give the 'FU' gesture to? And she called herself a f.b. and not Divapova ?

Carlos said...

From what I understand Angry Bird hurt her elbow returning serve. As for F bombs, I think the FB was directed to Divapova.

1)I never bought into this new "calm" player, Angry Bird is a ticking time bomb.

2)Angry Bird is a snap, crackle, and pop type of player, her retirements prove so.

caps321 said...

Just watched the video again. Looks to me like Angry Bird served, Divapova returned it and she didn't try to get it. Next thing you know she's bending over and rattles off an obscene gesture!

Why did she make that 'move' if arm was hurt?

Was she serving extra hard and blamed the Diva for her latest ailment?

caps321 said...

Divapova says she's the REAL big ball basher and has dispatched Bunny like a worn out sweater - 7-6, 6-3!


Btw, when Bunny's daddy came on the court I think she was crying..haha

Carlos said...

The Big Bunny knows she is done. Angry Bird even though she retired in the last two tournaments she was leading against her opponents before she got injured; those same opponents have beat the crap out the Bunny.

Carlos said...

Caps 321 according to the second video said, "We believe this is the moment where she (Azarenka) got injured" they showed a photo of Angry Bird returning a shot from Divapova, looks she hyper-extended the elbow., but I'll take your word Caps.

I'll wil not say that Divapova is the favorite to win RG this surface doesn't suit her game, a little rain and she is most likely done.

caps321 said...

Carlos, I only re watched the first video.. I'm too impatient to labor through that slow slideshow again. I'll take your word for it.

Yeah, I wouldn't bet the farm on Divapova either. I'm just ecstatic she took out the Bunny!

Very interested to see how Julia G. does at the French Open. Plus, if Angry Bird is out or not 100% (just a guess) that could open things up.

Emily or as Carlos like to call me "Captain" said...

Okay, now time for my input (somethings may not make sense, I'm a little worse for ware)

1. I believe the f.b and the hand gesture were both directed at Vika, she was obviously annoyed at her self becuase she failed to serve it out at 5-2, and then when she had to retire.

2. The elbow was injurd when returning a Divapova shot when she hyperextended her arm.

3. The Bunny's pushing play is failing and by the end of the American hardcout season, where she has a heap of points to defeant she will be placed outside the top 10 (I hope!)

4. Divapova will extended her winning reccord to 8-0, and inconsistent Stosur is out of the luck that took her to the RG final, who can't handle tall people or people that hit hard will lose even though its on clay.

5. Goolia will make the QF (draw depending)

6. I think Vika could easily be one of the top 2 players after RG and Wimbledon (injury permittng) with minimal points to defend in both!

Carlos said...

Captain, I agree with points 2, 4, and 5; thank you for clarification on point 1.

On point 6, Angry Bird has the game to dominate tennis but she is injury prone as I said previously and her anger is a weak link that can be easily exploited. I don't see her as a top contender, I see her as a dark horse for RG 11.

On point 3, The Big Bunny will do anything to stay in the pent house (top 10), so in the bunny's fashion she wil play more tournaments to rack up points. This all comes from JJ's play book. Sadly the worse she does the more of the bunny will see, Boooooooooo!

Caps321, yes I don't have Divapova as a top contender in RG, but I will keep an eye on her because at Wimbledon she can make a deep run, maybe semis? Depending on the draw and her shoulder of course Her shoulder looks like is getting better and better.

Carlos said...

Rain delay for Sam/Divapova match.

Watched the first set of Bunny/Divapova match it was a dust bowl instead of clay. Divapova bullied the bunny, as usual the bunny waited for her opponent to make mistakes and it didn't work.

caps321 said...

Match started, Diva up 2-0 which is no surprise.

Carlos said...

Congratulations to the Diva, love your game but I personally really dislike you.

Looks like Angry Bird gives a free pass to winners.

Carlos said...

Even in L.A. I could hear the Captain's evil laugh. :P

caps321 said...

[5] M. Kirilenko (RUS) - K. Barrois (GER)

J. Dokic (AUS) - S. Aleppo (ROU). Possibility of a change in court

C. Mchale (USA) - A. Rolle (USA). Final round of qualifying

Carlos said...

Thanks for the link and the match ups Caps321. It puts me in the mind set of the this tournaments. I dislike Rome and Miami, this two tournaments -I'll keep it clean- can bite me!

My favorite match up is Mr. Oudin vs. Medina Garrigues, nice journalistic typo haha.

If The Bunny doesn't win the Brussels tournament she should shoot herself, I know wishful thinking. Thinking out loud: if the bunny could clone herself she would be playing in both tournaments. :P

The Princess can easily make it to the semis, I could only hope.

Possible second round match up in Strasbourgh The Fist Pumping Imbecile vs. J. Dokic.

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