Monday, May 16, 2011

Sharapova wins Rome. I rant about little things that bug me.

So you already know the Masha downed Sam to take to Rome title and 8-0 advantage in her H2H against her, so I could write about it but there wouldn't be much point.

Again I say Stosur can't play ball bashers, tall people or blondes.

So now to what has annoyed me reccently;

1. Stosur saying the Clay season it too short! Well Sam no its not, you have 13 weeks of the year to play on the clay...there are four for the grass court season. Get over it.

2. How amazing Novak is, I mean I love him but seriously, HOW GOOD DO YOU WANT TO BE? (don't take this thw wrong wat, he may just be my new fave man player hes creeping up on Rafa)

3. Sharapova becoming a now favourite to win RG, she described her self as a "cow on ice" shes not a clay courter, she won't win the clay grand slam. Save you money and put it all on her to win Wimbledon.

Yeah, that explaines the cow on ice.

4. The ranking system even more so than usual. I mean, with the switch up between Rome and Madrid, MJMS was defending her Rome title in Madrid and Rezai was defending her Madrid title in it just me that thinks that is the stupidest thing ever?

5. Back to grass, why is the Copenhagen tournament being played as a warm up to Wimbledon? Its a hard court tournament people! Seriously.

On hines site I have fallen in love with Sasha...


Carlos said...

1)What the hell Sam, you want a longer season on a surface that you play well? Typical dirt baller being a chicken to play on other surfaces.

2)Captain you did post a photo of him topless, I mean shirt less (almost had a typo again).

3)I did said that on a previous post. Bottom line line agree.

4)Like Miami I despise Rome, so if everyone would skip Rome next year I wouldn't have a problem.

5)Answer, to give Wozniacki more exposure going into the most prestigious slam.

6)I'm not surprised, he comes from the same assembly line as Nadal and Novak = Tall, dark, handsome (I guess), athletic, European, and rich.

Anonymous said...

Kirilenko wins 6-2, 6-3, which is good in my book. Barrois can be a difficult player.

Dokic is up 2-1 in the first set against Halep.

Anonymous said...

Dokic wins 6-2, 6-1 in 48 minutes.

Carlos said...

Most likely Dokic awaits The Imbecile in the next round.

"Mr." Oudin lost.
I wonder how long will it take for Oudin to be out of the top 100?

Caps321, I have The Princess in the semis. I hope she can find a spark plug that can jolt her game to win this tournament.

Anonymous said...

You think Princess will beat Petko?

That said, I wouldn't mind a Princess/Dokic final.

Mr. Oudin will be out of the top 100 shortly. Apparently she fails to recognize her coach is under qualified and the proof is in her ranking.

On a related note: Remember the scandal shrouding Oudin around the US Open when it came out her mom was banging the coach? I'm not sure how that all got sorted out, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear Oudin's momma wants him to stick around!

Anonymous said...

rankings 5-16-11

Divapova - current 7 - previous 8
Ostrich - current 9 - previous 10
Kanepi - current 16 - previous 18
Goerges - current 18 - previous 20
Pennetta - current 19 - previous 21
Peer - current 20 - previous 14
Gajdosova - current 25 - previous 28
Princess - current 26 - previous 30
Venus - current 29 - previous 19
Vesnina - current 39 - previous 41
Arn - current 40 - previous 48
Rezai - current 42 - previous 25
Hercog - current 55 - previous 69
Schnyder - current 58 - previous 43
Rybarikova - current 61 - previous 72
Rodionova - current 73 - previous 80
Bondarenko - current 75 - previous 63
Oprandi - current 77 - previous 85
McHale - current 81 - previous 92
Parra Santonja - current 92 - previous 78
Pivovarova - current 95 - previous 102
Cetkovska - current 98 - previous 106
Yakimova - current 100 - previous 109

Anonymous said...

ESPN's coverage plans have been released for the French Open.. In particular I like this part: has increased its French Open coverage for 2011 to nearly 350 hours with a multi-screen offering of up to seven courts and ESPN2’s coverage on the days the network is televising. will begin each day early in the morning with the first ball in the air and continue to the last shot of the day. Matches will also be available after they take place via VOD. The same service –called – is also available in Latin America with the same programming as in the U.S. with Spanish commentary.

Carlos said...

No, I don't think The Princess can beat The Imbecile's Apprentice, I can only hope she would. The more I see this Imbecile's Apprentice chick the more I believe she is overrated up to the yin yang.

Caps321 you bring fond memories about the harmonious Oudin clan. I'm betting the coach/unofficial stepfather is going nowhere, until mommy Oudin finds a new "tennis playmate".

I see "my" Ostrich moved up a spot.

Rezai should be ban from the top 50 after losing to the 497th ranked player.

Bojana still stuck in the 50s

McHale lost today, curious that she lost to another American, because I think she is the best American player aside from Bethanie.

Pennetta out of the top 20; these are the results of her recent lackluster performances.

Nice to see the cute Russian Pivovarova crack the top 100.

Carlos said...

Thanks for the article Caps321.

No Mary Carillo thank the Lord! I'm sure she will pop up somewhere else. For sure I'll be watching ESPN360, sometimes ESPN on t.v. gets annoying presenting only one match which is either uninteresting, blow out, or a male American that I don't care about, yes, I mean you Fish.

Anonymous said...

I had Directv up until January 2011 which allowed me to watch 6 different courts for the first week of grand slams. I have since switched to Uverse and they don't have that multi-channel. Plus I only started getting ESPN3 this year as well. So, I'm very happy to have access to many courts.

However, I have found in the past with Directv, having access to 6/7 courts doesn't mean I'll get to see my favorites!

Just read over on that Kimmie isn't 100% but will be playing at the French Open with strong ankle tape. (Her other injuries are heeled.)

Carlos said...

I always had cable never the dish. I always thought DirectTV had better coverage in sports. In Southern Cal we only have one cable provider so this guys over charge and I have to pay extra if I want to get a sports package which includes the Tennis Channel. I'm not happy camper so I refuse to pay extra.

Kookie Monster not at 100% means she is not a threat for RG.

The match up that I want to see in RG is Divapova against Gorgeous J. I can only dream.

Anonymous said...

McHale lost to Lucic 7-5, 7-6(7). She was 2-0 against her before today.


Maybe she was tired after having to go through qualis in just about every tournament?

Is Mr. Oudin still sucking up the wild cards?? McHale is the best chance IMO for the US to get farther in the tournament. She needs to get priority!

Carlos said...

Caps321, McHale is ranked higher than Mr. Oudin, I don't understand why McHale has to go through qualies and Mr. Oudin either gets a wildcard or a direct entry into the main draw of tournaments. You are right, McHale is getting burn going through qualies tournament after tournament. This tournament is a perfect example of McHale getting screwed. If you look at the scores Mr. Oudin lost easily while McHale at least put up a fight.

McHale is ranked 81 Mr. Oudin is 89.

The Fist Pumping Imbecile retired, now what? Did she fear losing to Dokic in the second round?

Anonymous said...

Carlos, I didn't realize McHale was higher than Mr. Oudin! Thanks.

From google news it says the Imbecile has a gimpy left wrist. I have to agree, sounds to me like she's scared of getting pounded by Dokic. (I watched Dokic's match the other day and she was doing nothing but big ball bashing.)

Btw, isn't the wild card given to who the USTA likes at the moment and not necessarily the best player? I ask because while catching up on the Donald Young twitter fiasco and Patrick McEnroe's comments.. It seems to me he was the male version of Mr. Oudin concerning wild cards.

Carlos said...

Your welcome Caps321, and thank you for the info on The Imbecile.

You are correct once again Caps321, seems the USTA helps out the player who has the most hype not the one who is the most talented. Sadly this is the case of McHale and Mr. Oudin.

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